Hello! Thank you for taking the time to read about us. Third Culture is dedicated to helping you turn your home into an eco-friendly home. We do this by sourcing products that are free from harmful chemicals. We want to do our best to reduce waste, and be kind to animals and to our planet.

At Third Culture we believe that every person is unique.  We celebrate being different by catering to as many as possible with a wide variety of products that promote eco-friendly and healthy living. It's therefore important to us to collaborate with brands that share our ideals.

Be a part of the collective culture for a better future for ourselves and the planet we live in.

Glass Jars with Plants



"A holistic approach to better physical and mental wellbeing is how the idea of Third Culture was born. 


Every day I try to live better by making conscientious decisions. I think about how I am impacting myself and the environment around me with what I consume and what I throw away. 

We can all start small and practice healthy habits on a daily basis for a better future for ourselves, family, friends and the nature around us."



You’ll find us on a little cobbled street in Lund city. Our neighbour is a beautiful curtain store and every now and then they place bags of fabric off cuts out in our shared courtyard for local schools, charities and anyone else interested in taking it. 


We wanted to help reduce textile waste within our community and thought a lot about how we can reduce, reuse and recycle this discarded fabric.  So we stopped buying new fabric and started making useful things out of discarded fabric and realised we could make a lot of reusable things.


We want to work with more curtain stores, design studios, seamstress shops or anyone for that matter that is generating textile waste that can be diverted from the landfill and put to use. 

Cutting Fabric


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