Konjac is an absolute premium product when it comes to natural and effective skincare, while loofah offers excellent exfoliating effects.


The Konjac Sponge Company has combined the best properties of both these plants in one product, creating a gorgeously unique skincare product that offers deep cleansing action and an exfoliating effect. It is more gentle than pure loofah while offering a more intense peeling effect when compared to pure konjac. Bamboo charcoal was added to inhibit unpleasant odours, while providing the sponge with antibacterial and oil absorbing properties.


The exfoliating Konjac Loofah Sponge is approximately 13.5 cm wide, perfect for use in the shower or bath. Just add water for ultimate natural skincare.


  • ideal for irritated skin & skin that suffers from eczema
  • balances the pH value of the skin
  • 100% cruelty-free & vegan
  • 100% free from colourants, chemicals, irritating ingredients or other additives
  • silky-soft when wet
  • refines the pores
  • strengthens the skin
  • with natural antibacterial & odour-inhibiting properties

Konjac & Loofah Mix Charcoal Body Sponge

207,00 krPris
  • 100% Pure Konjac, Loofah, Active Bamboo Charcoal