With the Konjac Tattoo Sponge you can gently cleanse your newly tattooed area without causing any irritation or damaging your new masterpiece.


Thanks to the unique cellular structure of this pH balanced and mineral-rich vegetable fibre sponge, it will gently glide over your skin to remove dirt, blood and plasma. At the same time, the sponge soothes the affected area and will help reduce the likelihood of large scabs forming.


Use the sponge once or twice a day during the first few days of healing (prior to any scabbing or peeling.) Your skin will be kept clean and moisturised as the sponge will not over strip the skin of its natural oils, unlike most other products. Once the new layers of skin have been exposed, the sponge will help cleanse and condition the new delicate and sensitive skin without the need for any soap, which could irritate or dry out the affected area.


The 100% natural specialised Tattoo Sponge is colouring, additive and fragrance-free. It is hygienic and can easily be sterilised in between uses by boiling in water for two minutes.


2016 – The Janey Loves Platinum Awards – Winner


100% natural, Vegan & Cruelty Free.Hypoallergenic.


Suitable for sensitive skin.Ideal for use on freshly tattooed skin

100% colouring & additive-free

Konjac sponge company Tattoo sponge

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